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Updated: Nov 10, 2021 reduce the skills shortage

Recently, the Optimal Resourcing team attended the launch of Pit Crew Consulting Services’ Resources Sector Workforce Report. Over the last few weeks, we have been pulling out and discussing key themes of this report and some potential additional opportunities to help reduce the impact of the mining and resources sector skills shortage.

The report launch was attended by key decision makers, but there was a lack of discussion about potential opportunities that might be available for businesses to work together and share resources.

I believe there are significant opportunities to create future-fit workforces through cross-collaboration within industry and the government, particularly on sharing resources, training, and employment initiatives. With so many thought-leaders in the room, the event got me thinking…

  • Is there an opportunity to create a dedicated Taskforce concerned with integrated talent management across the industry?

  • Could organisations work together to coordinate shut downs so companies aren’t poaching each other’s staff (similar to the Kwinana strip)?

  • Could there be cross-pollination of graduates, apprentices and trainees amongst the industry to upskill and equip our workforce of the future?

  • Is there a way to share resources and training costs, without reducing competitive advantage and offering stability for employees?

  • Is there a coordinated way to leverage the flexibility that the silver workforce, gig workers and parents are looking for?

The mining and resources sector (and their partners) are missing some opportunities to reduce the impact of the skills shortage across the industry.

We need to expand the focus on skills development and help workers transition to areas of opportunity, and we need to work together to enable this.

Do you agree? What additional opportunities can you identify to collaborate without impacting other’s bottom line?

If you’re interested in being part of a Taskforce to minimise the impact of a skills shortage in the Australian resources sector, I’d love to explore it with you! Please reach out if you’d like to grab a coffee.

Meanwhile, our free e-book on workforce planning is available for download here.

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I investigate the importance of collaboration and investing in staff through strategic, holistic workforce planning in my book; Offshoring or shit-shoring? The definitive guide to transitioning work across teams and across countries. I’m excited to announce my book will be available in early 2022 - sign up here if you’re keen to be added to the Waiting List for a copy when it’s released.


Optimal Resourcing can help your organisation with developing holistic, people-focussed workforce planning strategies to future-proof your business, contact us for a free consult or book directly here.

Together. We are resourcing the future.


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