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Offshoring or Not-Sure-ing


Everything you need to know about transitioning work from one team to another.

Written by well-known resourcing expert, Jude Mahony of Optimal Resourcing, the book is a practical support tool for teams who are looking at transitioning work, are in the midst of transition or are looking at moving work back to region.

"Filled with tips and tricks, as well as detailed implementation activities, this book is a culmination of what my team and I have experienced and learnt in regards to offshoring and outsourcing over the years.

I want to share the facts with you so that you too will know the interplay between successful offshoring and, how to avoid shitshoring."

"Organizations increasingly operate as networks with distributed operations.  Making this off-shoring work requires new insights, tools, and techniques.  Jude masterfully lays out benefits, risks, policies, actions, and processes for effectively managing this emerging organization, all with stimulating language and inspiring stories."
Dave Ulrich, the father of modern HR  

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